About us

About our rapid growth and success

Since our foundation in 2006, UKS Group has experienced rapid growth and success, becoming the largest screed company in the UK. In addition to this, strategic broadening of our portfolio of products and services has enabled us to be the largest and most experienced UK Underfloor Heating and flooring specialist. We offer our clients the benefits of seamless contracting for every type of underfloor heating/cooling system and screed finish, delivered individually or as a combined flooring solution.

UKS Group has formed partnerships with many of the world’s leading manufacturers to provide our clients with a wide range of the highest quality products & services together with our own commitment to performance and delivery. UKS Group have many years’ experience of working with the UK’s Largest Construction Groups but have remained close enough to our roots to understand the needs and requirements of medium sized, as well as small independent contractors.

UKS Group are committed to offering the skills and experience of the most knowledgeable and highly qualified technical consultants and installers within each division, sharing that wealth of knowledge and experience with our clients to ensure that each individual project is delivered in accordance with specification and programme requirements.