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Why use an under floor heating specialists?

Just why should you use under floor heating specialists for your next construction project? Using under floor heating specialists not only provides a low cost way to heat your latest construction project, but they also use high quality materials to ensure that...

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What acoustic flooring solutions are available?

What acoustic flooring solutions are available? You may have come across the term “acoustic flooring solutions” when looking at flooring options for your next construction project. But what acoustic flooring solutions are available and what are they used...

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What is floor screed used for?

What is floor screed used for? When it comes to construction projects, it’s all about ensuring you use the most cost-effective approach possible in order to achieve the best results. And when it comes to underfloor heating, not only will this system help...

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How does an underfloor heating manifold work?

In terms of underfloor heating, an underfloor heating manifold is a system that is made up of a series of thermostatically controlled two-port valves. It also includes temperature gauges, a mixing valve and circulation pump.

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What underfloor heating is best?

Made of the highest quality materials to ensure the best possible result for your needs, in our latest blog we take a look at underfloor heating in more detail to help you understand what underfloor heating is best for you.

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